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Interactive Posters

Social Networking

The Keep-In-Touch Phone: A Persuasive Telephone for Maintaining Relationships
Scott Golder, MIT Media Laboratory, USA

BumpList: Developing Beneficial Email List Structures
Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Michael Bennett, Fred Cummins, Media Lab Europe and University College, Dublin, Ireland; Stefan Agamanolis, Media Lab Europe, Ireland; Linda Doyle, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

In-Car Concepts to Support Working Parents
Rachel Eardley, Jenny Hyams, Abigail Sellen, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, UK

Apeer: A Peripheral Interface to Improve Social Awareness of Brief Topical Discussion
Chad Thornton, Neema Moraveji, Patrick Barry, Kevin Shiue, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

SWIM: Fostering Social Network Based Information Search
Jun Zhang, Marshall Van Alstyne, School of Information, University of Michigan, USA

Affective User Interface

The Efficacy of Psychophysiology for Realising Affective Computing
Louise Venables, Jennifer Allanson, Stephen Fairclough, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Lovelet: A Heartwarming Communication Tool for Intimate People by Constantly Conveying Situation Data
Hidenori Fujita, Kazushi Nishimoto, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan


Tele-Biographies: Data Collection Techniques to Capture the ways People Interact with Digital TV
Mark A. Blythe, Jisoo Park, Andrew F. Monk, University of York, UK

Making Recipes in the Kitchen of the Future
Itiro Siio, Tamagawa University, Japan; Noyuri Mima, Ian Frank, Tetsuo Ono, Hillel Weintraub, Future University-Hakodate, Japan


Assessing Visitor Behavior and Attitudes in the medien.welten Exhibition
Ottmar Moritsch, Technical Museum Vienna (TMW), Austria; Eva Hornecker, Matthias Stifter, Technical University Vienna, Austria

Ambient Urban Interludes: Passing Glances
Cati Vaucelle, Media Lab Europe, Ireland; Katherine Moriwaki, Linda Doyle, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland


Hands-on Learning of Computer Programming in Introductory Stage Using a Model Railway Layout
Haruo Noma, Hirokazu Sasamoto, Nobuji Tetsutani, ATR Media Information Science, Japan; Youichi Itoh, Yoshifumi Kitamura, Fumio Kishino, Osaka University, Japan

Visual, Attractive, and Luminous: Learning Japanese Hand Alphabets for Elementary School Pupils
Yasushi Harada, Fusako Kusunoki, Takao Terano, Tama Art University, Japan; Miki Namatame, Tsukuba College of Technology, Japan

Accessing Services: Dumb Clients in a Smart Classroom
Edward Lank, Amy Ichnowski, Shahid Khatri, San Francisco State University, USA

Emotion In a Ticket
Apala Lahiri Chavan, Sushmita Munshi, Human Factors International, India, India


Robotic Walker Interface: Designing for the Elderly
Irina Shklovski, Yuan-Chou Chung, Robert Adams, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Design Guidelines for Improved Human-Robot Interaction
Jill L. Drury, The MITRE Corporation; Dan Hestand, Holly A. Yanco, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA; Jean Scholtz, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA


Well-Integrated Needs-Oriented Recommender Components Regarded as Helpful
Markus Stolze, IBM Research, Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland; Fabian Nart, ETH Zurich Switzerland

Human Computer Interaction in Multiplayer Computer Games
Joseph MacInnes, Saint Mary's University

Information Retrieval

MetaCrystal: Visual Interface for Meta Searching
Anselm Spoerri, SCILS, Rutgers University, USA

Depth- and Breadth-First Processing of Search Result Lists
Kerstin Kloeckner, Nadine Wirschum, Anthony Jameson, German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Germany

Who’s My Daddy? An approach to decentralized information architecture
Abe Crystal, Jesse Wilbur, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Document Access

Telling Stories to Computers for Document Retrieval
Daniel Gonçalves, Joaquim Jorge, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

“Readness” – A Design Exploration of Personal Document Management in Historical and Collaborative Context
Michael Muller, IBM Research, USA

TV Remote Control

An Interaction and Product Design of Gesture-Based TV Remote Control
Sang-Hwan KIM, Joonho Ok, Hyun Joo Kang, Min-Chul Kim, Mijeong Kim, Samsung Electronics, South Korea

Effective Interaction Techniques for Moving Cursor Using a Remote Control
Soo Chul Lim, Ji Hyea Han, Min Young Jo, Eun Mi Jeon, Woo Sik Choi, Chang Geun Song, Song Yong Sim, Sung Woo Kim, Samsung Electronics, Republic of Korea


Office Window of the Future? Two Case Studies of an Augmented Window
Batya Friedman, Nathan G. Freier, Peter H. Kahn, Jr., University of Washington, USA

Evaluating the Comprehension of Ambient Displays
Lars Erik Holmquist, Viktoria Institute, Sweden

New Interaction Design

Developing Tangible Interaction and Augmented Reality in Director
Ji-Dong Yim, Tek-Jin Nam, KAIST, Korea

Interaction Design for Electronic Musical Interfaces
Bert Schiettecatte, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, Belgium

Input and Interaction Technology

Measuring Gaze Point on Handheld Mobile Devices
Kristian Lukander, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland

Joystick Text Entry with Date Stamp, Selection Keyboard, and EdgeWrite
Jacob Wobbrock, Brad Myers, Htet Htet Aung, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Mobile Interaction

Kick-Up Menus
Volker Paelke, Christian Reimann, Dirk Stichling, University of Paderborn

What You See is Where You Go: Preliminary Findings in Situated Way-Finding Research
Christopher Lueg, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia; Nicola Bidwell, Charles Darwin University, Australia

Web Usability

Measuring Visual Appeal of Web Pages
Ronald Boring, INEEL, USA; Gary Fernandes, Carleton University, Canada

Managing Icon Abundance on eBay
Maureen Fan, Kathleen Ko, eBay, Inc., USA


Using Monetary Incentives and Auction to Elicit User Preferences between Usable and Beautiful Systems
Tamar A. Ben-Bassat, Joachim Meyer, Noam Tractinsky, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Testing Multimodal Notification Cues on a Mobile Device
Peter Tarasewich, Tashfeen Bhimdi, Myra Dideles, Northeastern University, USA

Reengineering Planning Process Guided by Usability Evaluation
Sérgio Luisir Díscola, Júnia C. A. Silva, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil

User-Centered Design

Designing for Privacy: A Method for Structured Analysis of Privacy Vulnerabilities
Carlos Jensen, Georgia Tech, USA

Story Lifecycle in a Product Development Organization
Majie Zeller, Sandra Kogan, Michael Muller, Merry Morse, IBM Software Group, USA

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